About Us



Reflecting the beauty and handicraft of Switzerland, Accurate Watches is a brand globally recognised for its high-quality timepieces. Carrying forward the Swiss tradition of excellence and elegance from 1989, the watches are made available in a variety of designs and offered at a price of convenience.

Providing eccentric timepieces with the use of fine materials and unsurpassable craftsmanship has allowed the company to carry on the Swiss tradition of excellence and elegance. Accurate Swiss Watches are made available at affordable prices to suit all personalities, styles, and budgets. Over the years, Accurate has built a reputation by providing affordable timepieces with the finest available materials and simply does not plan on stopping now.

The Alfalah Group is a reputed name in the industry of timepieces, being recognised as the owner and official distributor for the Swiss Brand ‘Accurate Watches’. Weaving a celebrated spell of success coupled with fashion, Alfalah Group has built quite an impressive reputation in the industry winning the hearts of many with the beautiful and element timepieces.

Since its acquisition in 2010, Alfalah Group led Accurate Watches has contributed extensively in bringing the breathtaking watches of Accurate to the consumers worldwide.



To develop a pioneering and value-driven culture that fostersinnovation, boosts performance and assures adherence toglobal standards in everything we do.


To create elevating experiences for our valued customersby fulfilling their needs and aspirations and bringing them aworld of smart options to choose from.